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The Twelve Tribes of Israel ~ 1846

The Twelve Tribes of Israel

Kids' Premium T-Shirt
Unisex T-Shirt for kids, 100% cotton (heather gray is 95% cotton/5% viscose) Brand: Spreadshirt


The twelve tribes of Israel are the descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob which according to the Tanach, the Hebrew Bible, form the People of Israel chosen by God. Beside the name, each tribe also has its own symbol: Reuben - Mandrake, Shimon - Gate of Shechem, Levi - Priest Breast Plate, Yehuda - Lion, Dan - Snake, Naftali - Gazelle, Gad - Tents, Asher - Olive Tree, Issachar - Beast of Burden, Josef - Lamb, Zebulun - Ship, Benjamin - Wolf. In our picture you see these tribal symbols.

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